Together, we explore a new universe of learning.

Technology can take you and your students to places you never dreamed you’d go.

  • Discover new, innovative technology tools and resources.
  • Effectively integrate technology into your curriculum.
  • Benefit from a creative pause—time to process, develop and grow.
  • Learn best practices from expert educators.
  • Access practical, relevant educational applications.
  • Create lessons/projects to implement immediately across your curriculum.
  • Refine or create a student-centered classroom web presence.
  • Receive three college credits through Concordia University, Seward, Neb. (optional).
  • Collaborate and network with fellow educators.
  • Build life-long relationships and support through an active TEC21 community.

“TEC21 was a wonderful experience. We were given a wide variety of ideas and introduced to the latest advancements in educational technology. We collaborated with other teachers and shared the excitement and successes we were experiencing in our schools and classrooms. Personally, I am much more confident in my technology skills, and feel I will continue to grow and learn in the years to come!”

Lori Lange

Teachers who attend our workshops are equipped, mobilized and fully supported in their efforts to effectively integrate technology into their curriculum. TEC21 participants are also equipped and encouraged to become resources at their schools, passing on new knowledge and resources to their peers.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”

Erin Majors