STEM Education Workshop Program

TEC21 introduced the STEM Education Workshop Program in Season 13. Unlike a conference or webinar, this new, non-geographic TEC21 cohort provides a holistic view of STEM in education. Powerfully delivered through a Lutheran, Christian worldview, it gives Lutheran school teachers the skills to help students solve real-world problems.

Designed for teachers with varying degrees of proficiency for this new way of teaching, the TEC21 cohort opportunity for 10 Lutheran school educators includes a summer academy, monthly virtual sessions and between-session asynchronous and synchronous support. It is facilitated by a STEM expert.

Believing STEM learners in our educational system are tomorrow’s exceptional, collaborative, innovative and groundbreaking leaders, we want to help our teachers earn this badge of proficiency. Take a minute to learn more here.

Registration is underway now for our 2023/2024 STEM cohort.

STEM Cohort Support One Sheet