Workshops Overview

We help teachers find the path of greatest impact.

TEC21 gives teachers the opportunity to grow as life-long learners in their effective use of technology as a learning and teaching tool in the classroom. Our workshop design encourages Lutheran school educators to connect with and inspire one another and share best practices. TEC21 workshop participants discover, develop and acquire practical applications, including lessons, project ideas and supplemental digital resources, to take back to their classrooms.

The TEC21 workshop program is tailored to meet educator needs and provides follow-up support to ensure successful implementation.

Here’s how it works:

  • Principals register teachers for traditional, face-to-face cohorts, or niche virtual cohorts designed to reach remote learners in districts with outlying (more isolated) or fewer numbers of schools and provide stronger, content-specific support to Lutheran high school teachers. Our virtual cohorts include:
    • EC-8 educator cohort
    • EC-8 music educator cohort
    • EC-8 STEM educator cohort
    • 9-12 English educator cohort
    • 9-12 science educator cohort
    • 9-12 social studies educator cohort
    • 9-12 theology educator cohort
  • Seven monthly, one-day workshops are held during the work day (typically on Thursdays) beginning in September and ending in April.
  • Teachers receive practical, relevant materials and resources.
  • Participants are equipped to effectively utilize technology in the classroom.
  • Teachers are equipped and encouraged to become peer resources in their schools.
  • Participants engage an active TEC21 online community for follow-up support.

Registration now for one of our 2024/2025 cohorts.