Lisa Meyers

Workshop Facilitator, Michigan District

Lisa is a Concordia University, Nebraska graduate with a degree in secondary education in math and music. She began her teaching experience as a math instructor and dorm counselor for the Lutheran boarding high school in Concordia, Missouri. In 1991 she moved to Valley Lutheran High School in Saginaw, Michigan. She completed her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from Saginaw Valley State University and her doctorate in educational leadership-curriculum and instruction from Central Michigan University.

After teaching math and music for a number of years Lisa moved into the role of academic dean, supervising instruction and providing professional development for the high school as well as the association grade-school teachers. Lisa works with approximately 20 area Lutheran schools to develop a 21st-century learning culture. “The TEC21 program provides powerful tools of collaboration and networking,” she says, “and technology skills that could make that new culture a reality.”