Karla Leidecker

Workshop Facilitator, Michigan District

Karla is a graduate of Concordia College (now University), Ann Arbor. She has taught a variety of grade levels and is currently the 5th– and 6th-grade teacher at St. Peter’s Lutheran in Eastpointe, Michigan. She also serves as the choir and band director.

As a lifelong Lutheran and product of Lutheran education herself, Karla is passionate about learning all she can to find the best way to help children grow in their knowledge and faith. She says, “After taking a sabbatical in 2004 to have my four wonderful children, I returned to the classroom in 2013 to a very different world! Computers were not just meant for AR and fun learning games anymore; they were a key classroom tool!” She dove into how to integrate technology into her teaching and planning and found it to be a great enhancement to her classroom practices. Karla is excited to be part of the TEC21 team to help other teachers realize the potential for using technology in this new frontier.