Jeff Neuman

Workshop Facilitator, Indiana District

Jeff has taught students of all ages in multiple content areas since entering the teaching profession in 2008. His teaching experiences have taken him from New Orleans to Niagara Falls to the Fort Wayne area where he currently teaches middle-school math. During his career, Jeff’s interests have grown to include the area of instructional technology and how to be innovative in the classroom.

Jeff received his BA from Concordia University, Ann Arbor in December 2007 and master’s of education degree focusing on Instructional Technology Leadership from Concordia University, Nebraska in May 2021. As a previous participant of TEC21, Jeff is excited to return to the program as a facilitator. “One of the reasons I became an educator is for those lightbulb moments when learning just clicks for students. I feel passionate about innovation and technology to help the learning process, and I want to help other teachers unlock this potential in their own classrooms. That’s what gets me excited about this upcoming TEC21 season.”