Brent Dieckhoff, TEC21 Founder and Executive Director


Brent develops, manages and facilitates TEC21 professional development programs and services. He’s personally available to any administrator desiring to get teachers plugged into the TEC21 Workshop Program. A Lutheran educator and graduate of Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska, Brent earned his Master of Arts in school leadership from Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas. He has served in the Pacific Southwest, Missouri and Kansas districts in both administrative and teaching positions. He is committed to investing in the lives of teachers to help Lutheran schools achieve the highest degree of excellence.

Brent believes in the power of the connected educator, life-long learning and helping teachers provide compelling student learning opportunities in Technology Enriched Classrooms. He launched the TEC21 Workshop Program in the Kansas district in 2009. In “Season 14” this fall, the TEC21 community of Lutheran educators has grown to 1,341 teachers representing 21 LCMS districts and four Lutheran schools in the Philippines.