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Dear Administrators,

What dramatic changes have taken place in education in recent years! Consider for a moment the ways in which our students think, communicate and create today. Then, just imagine how advances in technology will impact our schools during the next five, 10 or 15 years…who can possibly know? We can be certain, however, that an ever-present flow of technological innovation will stream into our schools. How we harness and apply it in our classrooms with an educational purpose is our reality.

TEC21 is an ongoing professional development strategy founded on sound learning principles and developed specifically for Lutheran schools. Unique in format and intent, TEC21 trains and supports teachers to effectively use technology across their curriculum.

Our highest priority is helping teachers serving in Lutheran education raise up world-changers. We invite you to join the TEC21 community. We appreciate the time and consideration you are giving our program.

In Christ,
Brent Dieckhoff
TEC21 Founder and Executive Director