October 2021 Agenda—Rockford, Illinois

Facilitating Technology Enriched Classrooms for 21st Century Learners.

Begin at 9:00am

Getting Connected



  • Connect to the digital agenda: https://tec21connect.com/agenda/october-2021-agenda-rockford-illinois/
  • Connect to each other:
    • What is something positive that happened since we last met?
    • Do you have something to add to the Growth Mindset Jamboard?
  • Connect to the Lord in prayer:
    • What prayer requests do you have to add to the Padlet? Take time to share those in the October column of the Padlet.

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What’s His Story? What’s Her Story? What Does This Mean?

Who has the best “Jesus story?”

Peter: Mark 6:45-51

Jairus: Mark 5:21-43

A Sick Woman: Mark 5:24-34

A Paralytic Man: Luke 5:17-26

A Man Born Blind: John 9:1-12

An Enormous Catch of Fish: John 21:1-14

Go to www.nearpod.com and type the code on the board. We will collaborate with our stories for this devotion.


Let’s take some time to reflect on last month’s TEC21 Challenges and share experiences. Share a success, a challenge you experienced or a lesson learned.

September’s TEC21 Challenges…

1. Digital: Explore further a tool or idea from the September session. It can be student-centered, teacher-centered, or both. (Remember that you can add your activities and examples to the Google Slide Presentation that you started at our first workshop.) 

2. Social: Consider following TEC21 on the social media platforms of your choice. Also, be sure to request to join the TEC21 Educators Group on Facebook. As a result, we will connect, share, inspire, grow, and support one another making our Lutheran schools thrive!

3. Spiritual: Again, with the words connect, share, inspire, grow, and support in mind, encourage a colleague, and be a resource to them.


1. The next workshop date is scheduled for Thursday, November 11.

2. Reminder to join the Facebook group for TEC21.

3. Let’s set up a group text in case of any changes to workshops.


We look forward in Workshop #2 making connections to build a lifetime of encouragement and support for one another.

1. Explore digital storytelling tools and resources to use with your students.

2. Create a digital storytelling learning activity to use with your students.

3. Be a resource to another colleague by sharing with them a digital tool, a resource, a learning activity, or an assessment strategy you learned about at today’s workshop.

Digital Storytelling

Uh-Oh Oreo Challenge: Your challenge is to experience the variety of Oreos available. Will you discover a new favorite? Will you remain loyal true blue? You may have not known what you were missing. Taste test and record your response on Flipgrid with the link posted to the left.

Choose a partner and create a short video using Adobe Spark. The link at the left will take you to the website. You will choose “Slideshow” and then add your content. This could be for a lesson in your classroom, or it feature the two of you in a compare/contrast featuring your hobbies, profession, family, etc. Be sure to include music, photos, text, and a variety of formats.

Google Forms: Would You Rather Adventure

With a partner, lay out your story using straightforward questions with a list of multiple choice answers. Each answer leads to a new section telling what happens. Your following questions will be based on their response. Once you have accumulated a certain number of questions, transfer your questions and answers to Google Forms. Offer multiple endings to make sure the story can be completed in some fashion. Feel free to create dead ends that return the taker to previous questions. Here is a YouTube video explaining the process.

Made with Padlet

Top Digital Tools & Resources on Digital Storytelling

Center- and Educator-specific Digital Tools & Resources

Made with Padlet

Lunch Hour at 11:30am/Back to Work at 12:30pm

Project Development

TEC21 Challenges

1. Digital: Engage your students in a digital storytelling activity or project. Share your experience by posting for others to see!

2. Social: Post a question, an answer, a resource, a picture of your students working on digital storytelling, or an example of a student project to the TEC21 Educators Group on Facebook.

3. Spiritual: Be a resource to at least one new person on your faculty before we meet again.


To open the reflection in its own tab, select HERE.

Dismiss at 2:00pm

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Please feel free to reach out if you ever need any help with technology integration or you have questions about something we did in our sessions. I am always happy to help.

Email: jastaehr@gmail.com

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