May 2021 Agenda—Muntinlupa, Philippines

Facilitating Technology Enriched Classrooms for 21st Century Learners.

Begin at 2:00pm

Getting Connected



Message from Sir Brent 


Let’s take some time to reflect on the past month and share experiences. Share a success story, a challenge you experienced, or a lesson learned.

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1. Continue to be both a consumer and a contributor in your professional learning network.

2. Plan how you will continue to be a connected, resourceful life-long learner.

3. Celebrate each other’s TEC21 achievements through today’s mini-conference format.

Throughout this program, we have emphasized the value of being connected educators in Lutheran education today. We have shared specific platforms in which TEC21 facilitators and teachers connect online to further build and strengthen their professional learning networks. As we wrap up this series of workshops, what a great time to reflect on the benefits of being able to gather together for these monthly sessions to be equipped, trained, encouraged, and supported. We hope the relationships that have been built this year will continue to be a blessing to your teaching ministry for many years to come! And know that as a team of facilitators, we will always be here for you! #LutheranSchoolsThrive

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Collaboration! We are each other’s BEST resources 🙂

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Mini-conference Style Presentations

This is the opportunity for you to share what you have learned and how you have grown as an educator through the processes of inquiry, investigation, implementation, and reflection.

Time to gather your…

  • Notes
  • Links
  • Resources
  • Thoughts
  • Composure

Click on the SHARED DOCUMENTS to access everyone’s presentation links from all the workshop centers.

Digital Tools & Resources 

DragonBox helps kids build a strong foundation for algebra by learning the underlying concepts for solving equations with this extremely fun and educational math tool.  You do have to pay for the app, but again, it is awesome!! App available both Apple and Android

Learnia covers Math (Common Core fully covered) and Spelling for grade levels 1, 2 and 3.
Learnia uses state-of-the-art graphics and modern game design ideas to make learning a lot more interesting.
Kids explore and learn in their own way and at their own pace.

Green Screen by Do Ink makes it easy to create incredible green screen videos and images right on your iPad or iPhone. let’s you create comics to tell stories. Create simple one-frame comics or more complex. You can use your own emoji or use provided characters and settings. Note that a few are free but most are paid. I find you can make some creative stories using the free ones. Pastor Mike posted an example comic story in our Facebook group last month you might want to check out! Graphic novels are all the rage now so this would be a good way for students to tell their stories. Sample one-frame comic AND Sample three-frame comic

Refugees: Using Comics to Foster Understanding: balancing the difficulties governments encounter when accepting refugees with the conditions that force people to leave their homes. People “only leave home/ when home won’t let you stay.”

ArcGIS Story Map. Living Nations, Living Wordsthe signature project of United States Poet Laureate Joy Harjo, conveys through poetry that Native people and poets have vital and unequivocal roots in this country. The project features a digital ArcGIS StoryMap, which integrates an interactive national map of 47 contemporary Native poets—and connects to a new online audio collection that features the participating poets reading and discussing original poems. Sample ArcGIS Story Map 3D models online! Explore the variety of 3D images at this site. Then curate a collection. Sample created collection of insects. 

Unifix digital cubes for building and math. Build something with these Lego type blocks, label it with the pencil, then take a screenshot to save. Or make a 3 digit number by stacking blocks. Great digital manipulative.

Writing in Hieroglyphics. Get students involved in the study of Egypt and ancient writing. Write your name in hieroglyphics! 

Seek by iNaturalist free app. Take your nature knowledge up a notch with Seek! Use the power of image recognition technology to identify the plants and animals all around you. Earn badges for seeing different types of birds, amphibians, plants, and fungi and participate in monthly observation challenges.

  • Get outside and point the Seek Camera at living things.
  • Identify wildlife, plants, and fungi and learn about the organisms all around you
  • Earn badges for observing different types of species and participating in challenges if you want to try gaming

Google Arts and Culture. Explore museums, artwork, games, places…all from your home. Try this street view tour of the White House! Move your cursor left, right, up, and down to see each painting, chandelier, and more! Click on a favorite piece of art and get a sharable link to curate your own collection! Students can do this too!

Blob Opera. Introducing Blob Opera. Play four opera voices and create your own opera composition. Save and Share. Here’s my sample. Have some fun today and let your students have fun too!

5 National Parks offering tours you can take from home. Google Arts & Culture has teamed up with five national parks in the U.S. so people can enjoy the beauty of the natural world while sitting safely on their couch. These parks feature different climates and environments from across the country, including famous desert vistas and snowy terrains. Visit Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, Utah, and Florida. Bon Voyage!

Nature Scavenger Hunt. Locate as many of these items as you can. Take a picture or video of each with your iPad or iPhone. You will have 10 minutes. When you return you will create a multimedia presentation about signs of spring to share with the class. You will use either Adobe Spark Video or Google Slides. Post the link to your project in this Google Doc. Have fun!  You can also modify this to be a hunt for objects inside or place QR codes to find and scan for questions to take them to the next object. Lots of options. 

Google Draw Graphic Organizer Templates. Ready to use templates to post in Google Classroom or print for students to complete.

The bestowing of award, praise and adulation.

We officially dub you TEC21 Teachers–connected, resourceful life-long learners!

1. “Pomp & Circumstance”

2. Presentation of “diplomas”

3. Presentation of TEC21 Digital Badges

Dear TEC21 Teachers,

As educators, we all know how hard it is to keep up with the needs of students. TEC21 recognizes the extra effort it takes to learn, stretch and grow to provide Technology Enriched Classrooms. We applaud every principal who has given the green light to allow teachers to participate in our workshops, and every teacher who has stepped outside his or her comfort zone to be vigorously challenged. Our goal with you is a contagious classroom full of motivated students.

You have earned this badge. We have provided it in two sizes each for school administrators and teachers. We hope you’ll proudly display it on your school website, personal classroom website, and your email signature.

Thank you for making a TEC21 classroom a badge of honor.

Serving Him with you,

The TEC21 Facilitators

Pictured above are the TEC21 Facilitators as we gathered virtually for our annual summer academy in June of 2020.

For School Administrators

Small School Badge

TEC21 School Badge Small

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Large School Badge

TEC21 School Badge Large

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For Teachers

Small Teacher Badge

TEC21 Teacher Badge Small

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Large Teacher Badge

TEC21 Teacher Badge Large

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Final TEC21 Challenges

1. Digital: Continue to be a connected educator!

2. Social: Continue to be a life-long learner!

3. Spiritual: Continue to be a resource to others!


Dismiss at 5:00pm

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Connected teachers inspiring students in Technology Enriched Classrooms.