February 2019 Agenda—Perryville, Missouri

Facilitating Technology Enriched Classrooms for 21st Century Learners.

Begin at 9:00am

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1 – Word to describe your family

1 – Thing you loved as a child

1 – Favorite show/movie/book you love

1 – Favorite vacation of all time

1 – Moment when you loved being a teacher


Choose a Bible verse from the page linked below and create a Voki character to read it.
Lent Bible Verses

Announcements & Review

1. Upcoming events:

  • The next workshop date is scheduled for Thursday, April 4.
  • #LuthEd Twitter chats take place on Monday evenings from 8:00-9:00CST throughout the school year.

2. Let’s take this time to reflect on last month’s TEC21 Challenges and share experiences. What happened? Were you successful? Did you come across any challenges?

Breakfast Bytes


1. Discover the educational value of student-created video activities.

2. Explore video creation tools and resources to use with your students.

3. Design a student-centered project or assessment involving student and the use of video.

4. Be a resource to another teacher by sharing with them a digital tool, a resource, a learning activity, or an assessment strategy you learned about at today’s workshop.

Video Creation

Student Video Creations
Green Screen
Digital Storytelling
Stop Motion Video

Stop Motion videos use a series of pictures and narration to tell the story. Here are some links to resources to get you started:

Sharing Student Videos

So, you and your students have created videos… Now what? Check out the links below to help share them in creative ways.

  • iPads and Google Drive? Try using a QR code to display! See this link for instructions.
  • 6 Ways to Show You Know – Dennis Grice, a tech savvy TEC21 advisor and mentor, compiled this list of ideas to integrate student created assessment using video editing, animation, etc.
Additional Resources

Digital Citizenship Integration

What aspects of digital citizenship need to be addressed when integrating video creation in the classroom?

  • Internet Safety
  • Privacy & Security
  • Relationships & Communication
  • Cyberbullying
  • Digital Footprint & Reputation
  • Self-image & Identity
  • Information Literacy
  • Creative Credit & Copyright

Little or No Prep Tools & Resources

Green Screen by Do Ink
This paid app allows students an easy interface for their green screen video-making project. At $2.99, the features of this app are totally worth it! Stock photos and photo upload are available. (K+, with supervision)

iOS only

Very similar to Windows Movie Maker, iMovie has a sleek interface that allows for layering, recording narration, adding photos, videos, and music, as well as transitions.  (Grade 4+)

Mac and iOS

WeVideo, available on all platforms and especially compatible with Chrome, offers users a standard video editor that boasts simple photo and video import and seamless green screen integration. (teacher supervision)
Teachers can create quick assignments, classroom tasks or authentic assessments using this app and website. Students can receive real time feedback on their work while being monitored by the teacher. (Grade 3+)

All platforms

With Toontastic, you can draw, animate, and narrate adventures, breaking news stories, science reports, and all your other ideas in cartoon format. (with teacher supervision)

iOS and Android

Liked Adobe Spark storytelling? Try using Adoble Spark Video. It has a simple interface and can create videos in mere minutes! Available online and on iOS (Grade 3+)
A fully-stocked video editing tool, this paid app is an established resourcecomprehensive (Grade 3+)
This website offers a number of free use stock images by category and custom search.
Pics4Learning is an online picture library that is safe and free for educational use. Teachers and students can use the copyright-friendly photos and illustrations for classroom projects, web sites, videos, portfolios, or any other projects in an educational setting. (credit: http://www.pics4learning.com/)
Blog posting that outlines top free sites for teachers to access sound clips for use in their classrooms.
In addition to having an awesome name, this resource offers activities designed for preschool through fifth grade students. There are a number of free printables, games, lesson ideas, videos, and more available. The site also offers a paid version with more resources.
This iOS app boasts over 700+ free math activities to strengthen lower elementary school students’ math strategies and skills.
A division of National Geographic, this website offers articles, videos, games, and other activities to spark students’ curiosity and grow their knowledge about the world around us.
Need some help navigating copyright? This site breaks down the ins and outs of copyright.
Digital Citizenship Integration – What is copyright anyway? Watch this video to get some answers!

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Lunch Hour at 11:30am/Back to Work at 12:30pm

Project Development

Collaboration! We are each other’s BEST resources 🙂

TEC21 Challenges

1. Apply what you learned today by designing a lesson, a student project or an assessment strategy which involves the use of video. Feel free to share your end product by adding it to this Padlet for others to see!

2. Be an inspiration to someone in the Google+ community by posting a comment, link, or something that your and your students have been working on.

3. Be a resource to another teacher on your faculty by sharing with them a digital tool, a resource, a learning activity, or an assessment strategy you learned about at today’s workshop.


Dismiss at 2:00pm

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