April 2022 Agenda—Fremont, Nebraska (STEM Cohort)

Facilitating Technology Enriched Classrooms for 21st Century Learners.

Begin at 9:00am

Getting Connected


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– How does the story of Peter relate to you?

– How can we get the story of Peter to relate to our students?

– Peter turned out to be one of the greatest witnesses of Jesus. How could we help our students use technology to witness?


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1. We will come back to Nebraska this summer! Plan for a travel day on June 27th. Then we will spend a full day together on June 28th with a travel home day set for June 29th. This coincides with the new cohort.

Lodging: The Fairfield Inn here in Fremont has once again set aside a block of rooms through June 15 for participants of this event under the name TEC21 STEM Academy. After this date, the rooms will be released to the general public. Room reservations can be made by calling – 1-402-620-4680.

2. This summer, we will be preparing our TEC21 website for “Season 14” so we encourage you to bookmark the “Season 13” workshop agendas now so you have access to them in the future. Here’s the link – https://tec21connect.com/2021-2022-workshop-agendas/ Please note: When we perform quarterly updates on our website’s theme, webpages, and various plug-ins, we do not include all of the previous years’ agendas (archived webpages) in the process as it would be a very time intensive process. The good Lutheran question is “What does this mean?” It means that over time past agendas may start to look a little wonky, but the links and resources will still be accessible.

How to Obtain 3 Graduate-level Credits Through Your TEC21 Experience

The online application period ENDS May 15, 2022.

Will you be needing to renew your teaching license soon? Are you thinking about pursuing a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, we encourage you to consider applying to Concordia University, Nebraska, to receive three graduate-level credits for your TEC21 experience. There is no additional work that is required of you to obtain these credits. The online application opens February 15 and runs through May 15, 2022. Follow these four steps to apply (If you experience any issues, email Jeremy.Geidel@cune.edu for assistance.):

STEP ONE: Select the “Apply Here” link to create an account.

STEP TWO: Complete the fields in the form. Where it asks for Academic Level, select “Non-Degree Coursework”. Where it asks for Entry Term, select “Summer Semester 2022”. Where it asks for Academic Program, select “TEC21”. After completing the remaining fields, select “Create Account”. Note: If you are prompted to submit a transcript, disregard this request as this has been waived by Concordia.

STEP THREE: Check your email for confirmation that your application came through successfully.

STEP FOUR: Select the link provided in the confirmation email to make your online payment in the amount of $240 ($80/credit hour) using a debit or credit card.

On June 1, transcripts will be available upon request. If you ever have questions regarding how these three graduate-level credits could be applied to a master’s degree program now or in the coming years (they are good for 5 years), contact Anna Boriack, Director of Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Innovation Specialist. She will be happy to help you. Her email address is anna.boriack@cune.edu. Concordia University, Nebraska is a ministry partner of TEC21, so they may email you from time to time to share opportunities of how these credits could be applied toward graduate-level programs they offer.

Please note: The opportunity detailed above is optional. Additionally, all TEC21 participants will receive a certificate on the final workshop day stating 35 professional development hours have been completed through the TEC21 Workshop Program. How state board of education departments and the 35 LCMS districts recognize these 35 hours of professional development vary from state to state and district to district. (For example, see how the Kansas District of the LCMS Licensure Renewal has a distinct process in place for the teachers serving in this district.) So, be sure to contact your respective state’s board of education department or your LCMS district office if you have any questions on how to renew your certificate or license using your TEC21 experience!


Our goals today focus on review, revisions and a refocus to reach new heights.

1. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate to bring our year to a strong close.

2. We will prepare for our final time online together in May.

Collaboration! We are each other’s BEST resources 🙂

Throughout this program, we have emphasized the value of being connected educators in Lutheran education today. We have shared specific platforms in which TEC21 facilitators and teachers connect online to further build and strengthen their professional learning networks. As we wrap up this series of workshops, what a great time to reflect on the benefits of being able to gather together for these monthly sessions to be equipped, trained, encouraged, and supported. We hope the relationships that have been built this year will continue to be a blessing to your teaching ministry for many years to come! And know that as a team of facilitators, we will always be here for you! #LutheranSchoolsThrive

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Top Digital Tools & Resources

3D Modeling & Design

Let’s use Nearpod to learn about the basics of 3D modeling and design.

Go to https://nearpod.com/student/

Please wait for further instructions.

Center- and Educator-Specific Digital Tools & Resources

TEC21 Challenges

1. Incorporate a new lesson that involves 3D modeling and design. 

2. Be a resource to those around you.

3. Be on the lookout for conferences and YOU be the speaker. 

4. Seek out professional development through your local colleges. Sometimes you just need to ask. 


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Dismiss at 2:00pm

Connected teachers inspiring students in Technology Enriched Classrooms.