March 2022 Agenda—Fort Wayne, Indiana (6-12 Cohort)

Facilitating Technology Enriched Classrooms for 21st Century Learners.

Begin at 9:00am

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With Holy Week around the corner, I thought it would be neat to look at two devotions you could share with your own students. These are great videos that are both memorable and share a powerful message.


1. The next workshop date is scheduled for Friday, April 29th, 2022. It will be our Celebration Day! Let’s talk briefly about this…

2. If you have never gone to a technology conference or connected with an educator technology group/organization I would encourage a few of the following options

3. Don’t forget to place your lunch order if you need to Lunch will take place around 12:00 AM. Plan to pick up lunch at Panera between 12:00 PM & 12:30 PM.

4. This summer, we will be preparing our TEC21 website for “Season 14”, so we encourage you to bookmark the “Season 13” workshop agendas now so you have access to them in the future. Here’s the link – Note: When we perform quarterly updates on our website’s theme, webpages and various plug-ins, we do not include all of the previous years’ agendas (webpages) in the process. This means that over time past agendas may start to look a little wonky, but the links and resources will still be accessible for you 🙂

5. We are forming our next cohorts for Season 14! Word of mouth and personal testimonies can go a long way helping us support more teachers. Can you please encourage teachers you know to register for a cohort near them? We would GREATLY appreciate it! #TEC21lcms #LutheranSchoolsThrive #LuthEd

6. “Celebration Day” is next month and it is a time to celebrate each other’s successes! This will be an opportunity for you to share what you have learned and how you have grown as an educator through the processes of sharing best practices with one another, inquiry and implementation through trial and error. What does the format of the day look like and what can you do to prepare?

Helpful tips:

  • Think of the day as a mini-conference and each of you will be the presenters (Remember that you are sharing with friends, so don’t sweat this and have fun with it!)
  • Spend approximately 10 minutes showing some things you’ve accomplished this year–what you did, how you did it, and why you did it–and/or some things you are planning to do for next year.
  • Select this SHARED FOLDER. Add your first & last name, description & links to your respective center’s collaborative Google Doc in preparation for “Celebration Day”. Do you have samples of student projects hosted on the web? Share those links, too! Here’s an example of a variety of different ways past TEC21 Teachers presented their learning – SAMPLE.
  • You might also want to use the Celebration Day guide to help to organize your thoughts. To download a copy to print, click HERE.

7. Three graduate-level credits available through Concordia University, Nebraska:

How to Obtain 3 Graduate-level Credits Through Your TEC21 Experience

Will you be needing to renew your teaching license soon? Are you considering starting a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction within the next five years? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you might consider applying to Concordia University, Nebraska, to receive three graduate-level credits for your TEC21 experience. There is no additional work that is required of you and the process is simple. The application period will open during February’s workshop day and run through May 15, 2022. For your convenience, a link to the online application will be included on our final three agendas (February, March and April).

First, select the “Apply Here” link to create an account.

Next, complete the fields in the form. Where it asks for Academic Level, select “Non-Degree Coursework”. Where it asks for Entry Term, select “Summer Semester 2022”. Where it asks for Academic Program, select “TEC21”. After completing the remaining fields, select “Create Account”.

Next, check your email for confirmation that your application came through successfully.

Last, select the link provided in the confirmation email to make your online payment in the amount of $240 ($80/credit hour) using a debit or credit card. That’s it! You’re done!

On June 1, transcripts will be available upon request. If you ever have questions regarding how these three graduate-level credits could be applied to a master’s degree program now or in the coming years (they are good for 5 years), contact Anna Boriack, Director of Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Innovation Specialist. She will be happy to help you. Her email address is Concordia University, Nebraska is a ministry partner of TEC21, so they may email you from time to time to share opportunities of how these credits could be applied toward graduate-level programs they offer.

Please note: The opportunity detailed above is optional. Additionally, all TEC21 participants will receive a certificate on the final workshop day stating 35 professional development hours have been completed through the TEC21 Workshop Program. How state board of education departments and the 35 LCMS districts recognize these 35 hours of professional development vary from state to state and district to district. Contact your respective state’s board of education department or your LCMS district office if you have any questions on how to renew your certificate or license using your TEC21 experience.

A Blessing and Challenge

Let’s take some time to reflect on this past year and share out one blessing from this past school year and then let’s all share one challenge we have faced. These do not need to be technology related. Sometimes these are also referred to as Keeps & Kicks. What is something you will keep doing and what is something you will kick to the curb!

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We look forward in Workshop #6 to further discover ways to inspire student learning in technology enriched classrooms.

1. Explore tools that help to minimize distractions and increase productivity. The less time we spend on basic tasks, the more time we can give to students.

2. Plan and implement one productivity tool that can help you improve the efficiency of your workflow.

3. Be a resource to another colleague by sharing with them a digital tool, a resource, a learning activity, or an assessment strategy you learned about at today’s workshop.

Review and Renew

A look at some ideas for previous topics and tools that can help us gain back needed time so that we have fewer interruptions in our workflow.

#1 Productivity – Window Snapping

Quickly being able to adjust your screens so that you can do “side by side” or full screen on a Mac is not always very intuitive. When I moved from a PC desktop years ago, this was a feature that I missed terribly. This can help you significantly if you need to go full screen (without losing your menu bar at the top), or if you need to setup side by side windows so you can quickly transfer grades out of an application or tool into your gradebook.

The tool I use: Better Snap Tool (Mac App Store $2.99)

A Free Tool I Recommend: Rectangle

You can find a full review of these tools in the article linked above (via the button).

#2 Productivity – Clipboard Managers

We copy and paste A LOT of content. Pictures, URLs, text, grades, passwords…etc. You name it. Sometimes, you want to be able to go back to that “thing” you copied two “copy and pastes” ago. However, on a mac you can only copy and paste ONE thing at a time. This can be very annoying, especially if you need to copy and paste a lot of content.

Maybe you are trying to copy and paste test questions into a Google form. A clipboard manager can allow you to copy everything you need and then go and paste it all, even in pieces into what you are working on.

I definitely do not recommend paying for this tool until you know it is useful for you. Check out the review of several keyboard managers using the link (via button) above.

The tool I use: Clipy (free)

#3 Productivity – Power and Menu Tools

These are the types of apps I use more than any other. I use Amphetamine ALL THE TIME. Amphetamine has a less than ideal name, but it is a wonderful power user tool. You can force your mac to stay awake for a predetermined amount of time. This app has a lot of features I haven’t even touched but it is free, which makes it quite a steal! There was an app years ago called Caffeine. That is no longer available. This is better in every way and keeps the great low price of $0. I use Amphetamine for:

  • When I am watching a movie in class.
  • State Testing
  • Updating my Mac
  • Teaching A Lesson
  • Giving a Presentation
  • Running Chapel
  • Saving a Large File, Transferring Data, Saving or Exporting a Video Project
  • …Etc.

Hidden Bar is the free version of a very popular Mac App called Bartender ($15). If you have ever found yourself with too many icons in the top menu of your mac (over by the time and wifi), then you may want to explore Hidden Bar. This app allows you to hide those icons. I used Hidden Bar for a long time and found that I really liked it. I liked the functionality of it so much that I purchased a more robust app like it called Bartender. They both allow you to hide apps and organize what you do have, however Bartender will make them closer and let you remove some apps from the bar entirely (even if the app or mac doesn’t let you). This is a great style of app to clean up your space and help you not to be distracted by those icons cluttering up the top menu of your mac.

#4 Productivity – Video Resources

Video is a huge part of our mac eco-system and of teaching in general. Being able to open video files or play back video content can be really important. While DVDs are not nearly as prevalent as they once were, teachers still need the ability to show a video from a disc. Now, the trick is….Macs don’t like to do this.

The built in DVD player on a mac typically won’t let you airplay OR project a DVD to a larger screen. This is Apple’s way of preventing users from projecting content to large audiences. Showing a movie in class can technically break copyright law unless you have a streaming or license for showing that content.

VLC is an awesome app. It is a robust (even it isn’t that pretty or polished). It will allow you to play just about any type of media you can imagine. It is my go to media player for everything because I NEVER have an issue with it.

Price: $0…FREE!!!

Have you ever wanted to have students watch a youtube video only to find out that it is no longer available? Have you ever tried to stream that youtube video but your internet just wasn’t up to the task?

Sometimes, whether it be because you are giving a presentation or trying to build out a library of curriculum resources, youtube while great, doesn’t deliver.

Downie 4 is a great (but expensive) app that allows you to grab that much needed video off from the world’s largest video platform. Check it out today!

Price: $20

#5 Productivity – File Management & Processing Resources

Google Drive for Desktop is the best way to manage files when you use Google Drive. Drive for desktop allows you to access all the files in Google Drive from your computer desktop. No need to open a browser.

For instance, say you need a file out of drive. With Drive for Desktop, you can open finder, go to drive and get the file right there.

The way this works, is that the files are not locally stored (so wifi is still needed for this to work). You go to the file and then your computer downloads that file in that moment so you can open and work with it.

NEW! Drive recently added a feature where you can sync multiple Google accounts and therefore access multiple accounts (i.e. work and personal) at the same time.

Cost: $0…FREE!!!

Clean My Mac X is by far the most expensive option on my list. However, I have been buying and using this tool for years.

Clean My Mac X is a tool you can use to clean up your mac, free up space, increase performance, get rid of un-needed files, uninstall programs (completely!)…etc.

This is another area where Macs just get beat by PCs. PCs have built in tools that help you manage programs and resources. You may be familiar with the old “Disc Defragmenter” program or a Window’s computer’s Uninstaller Program that will remove all the files from a program when you want it off the computer.

With a Mac, when you delete a program, all the files do NOT go with it. That is why you can delete something like Google Chrome, and when you reinstall it, it still has your data, profiles and bookmarks ready to go even before you sign in. Chrome keeps files in many places on your mac and there is no good solution for removing them all unless you know where to look.

Clean My Mac has helped my macs run for over a decade at peak performance and I highly, HIGHLY recommend it.

Price: $35/year or $90 for one time purchase.

#5 Fun – Google Drive Games

OK! We have been focused on productivity, now it is time to play a game! With a friend or another workshop participant, open the link above, pick a game AND play!

#6 Fun – Poetry Resources

Blackout poetry is a really neat way to get students to express themselves. This can be done in a variety of classes. This can be done in ELA, History, Religion, Memory, Art Class…etc.

There are two buttons above. One to an online canvas tool where students can make blackout poetry (aka redacted writing) and the other to a great article explaining the process.

If you have ever had those sets of magnetic words on your fridge at home, then you will know how to use this tool.

This tool is designed to get students making phrases or sentences using sets of words. Give it a try and think about ways to get students putting words together!

#7 Review – Edulastic (Afternoon)

Today we are going to revisit Edulastic as an assessment tool. There have been some inquiries as to how to use and create assessments. This is a great time to dig in and take a look!

EXTRA – Summer Tools & Resources

EXTRA – Graphic Design Resources

Lunch Hour at 11:30am/Back to Work at 12:30pm

Project Development

TEC21 Challenges

1. Digital: Prepare for Celebration Day! You’ll be among friends, so have fun with this! Use the outline below with its questions and strategies to prepare for the day. To download and print a copy, click HERE.

2. Social: Post to the TEC21 Educators Group on Facebook. It can be to ask a question, leave a comment, answer someone’s question, share something that is on your mind, or simply to encourage someone.

3. Spiritual: Be a resource to at least one new person on your faculty before we meet again.

4. Season 14 cohorts are forming now! Please encourage a fellow teacher to join us next year! Personal testimonies go a long way, so we would be most grateful if you would help us by thinking of a fellow teacher or teachers that you could encourage to register for the 2022/2023 school year. They could be teachers from your school or any other school for that matter. With your help we will be able to impact more teachers and their students for the sake of the gospel. Share with them how valuable it’s been to you to be able to connect with other teachers serving in Lutheran schools outside of your school building and the positive impact it’s having on you and your students. We thank you in advance for any support of our efforts that you can give to us. Thank you for supporting our mission and vision and being an ambassador for TEC21! #TEC21lcms #LutheranSchoolsThrive #LuthEd


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