Passionate facilitators leading dynamic cohorts.

One purpose: to support and strengthen Lutheran schools.

Our competitive global community has given families more choices than ever before for educating their children. TEC21 is deeply committed to helping Lutheran schools become the first choice in their communities. We work closely with administrators to promote best-practice learning environments. We come alongside educators who value innovation to help them find the best technology-based solutions for their classrooms.

Technology has opened a new frontier to learning. Our team is passionate about equipping teachers with fresh skills and ideas to engage, challenge and stimulate students in a new world without walls.

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Rea Abadiano
Workshop Facilitator, Philippine Lutheran Education Association
Scott Akerson
Workshop Facilitator, Missouri District/Southern Illinois District
Luke Finchum
Workshop Facilitator, Indiana District/Ohio District
Bradley Gomez
Workshop Facilitator, Philippine Lutheran Education Associatio
Dennis Grice
TEC21 Vodcast Co-host, Faith Middle School and High School
Mark Hess
Workshop Facilitator, Indiana District/Northern Illinois District
Sara Koza
Workshop Facilitator, Ohio District
Mike Kratzer
Special Training Projects, Missouri District/Southern Illinois District
Kathy Maske
Workshop Facilitator, Southern Illinois District
Corey Nelson
Workshop Facilitator, Minnesota South District
Kelli Ongman
Workshop Facilitator, Pacific Southwest District
Joshua Payne
Workshop Facilitator, Pacific Southwest District
Kari Perna
Workshop Facilitator, California-Nevada-Hawaii District
Mike Schmidt
Workshop Facilitator, North Wisconsin District
Amy Schroeder
Workshop Facilitator, Iowa District East/Iowa District West