The strength of TEC21 is the composite strength of the community around it, comprised of schools, teachers, principals, facilitators, 16 LCMS districts/district education executives and affiliates like Concordia University—Nebraska, the Lutheran Church Extension Fund, Donate Your Change, and Lutheran School Ministries. Each of these strategic partners contributes to our work to create contagious, Technology Enriched Classrooms full of motivated students.

Those of us who are or have been educators know how hard it is to keep up with the needs of students. We applaud every school who has given the green light to allow teachers to participate in our workshops, and every teacher who has stepped outside his or her comfort zone to be vigorously challenged.

You have earned this badge. We have provided it in two sizes and hope you will proudly display it on your school, district, classroom or professional website. Thank you for making a TEC21 classroom a badge of honor.