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Our Vision

Connecting and equipping Lutheran school teachers to inspire students in Technology Enriched Classrooms.

When we launched TEC21 we called digital learning and connectedness vital pursuits. Today, thirteen years later, we recognize technology in the classroom as a non-negotiable. Research, exploration and sharpened understanding of the proclivities of the contemporary student point to the need for both a strong digital platform in every classroom and tech-savvy teachers.

Kids are early adapters. Our mounting concern is that students will leave behind the educator who lags in interest or aptitude for digital innovations. We fear parents making a school choice for their children will find a tipping point around this competency or lack of it. This enlarges the responsibility we feel to equip teachers, adding digital “scout” to our job of facilitating technology workshops. It increases the urgency we feel for our “2022” vision to expand the TEC21 footprint in the U.S. and overseas.

Explosive Potential for Learning

The chart above shows actual numbers of participating TEC21 teachers and estimated numbers of students impacted. It reveals the multiplier affect of our professional development program as former participating teachers continue the discovery process year after year through the TEC21 online community and apply what they’ve learned in their classrooms.

About Us Numbers Graphic_2021


  • “Angel” donors provide financial support through five-year startup grant
  • Holy Cross and Bethany Lutheran, Wichita, Kan. schools, pilot TEC21 workshop program
  • The TEC21 community: one TEC21 facilitator, three TEC21 teachers, dozens of students
  • TEC21 facilitator footprint: one LCMS district, one innovation (workshop) center, two schools