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Frequently Asked Registration Questions

When does online registration open?

Registration opens on January 2 and closes March 31. We cap our groups at 10 participants and fill seats on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will accept late registrations as space permits. (Note: We close registration on March 31 to allow us time to collaborate with registered schools to set and announce workshop dates by June 1.)

Who is eligible to attend?

Lutheran school educators who are currently teaching in grades PreK-12. Space is limited! Maximum capacity for a workshop is 10 educators.

How many workshops are conducted during the course of a school year?

A series of seven, one-day workshops are held once a month beginning in September and ending in May (with the exception of December and March).

When will the workshop dates be announced for the 2019/2020 school term?

After working with the schedules of area Lutheran schools, the workshop dates will be announced in June 2019. Workshops are always held during the school week (typically on Thursdays).

What does my teacher receive?

  • Exposure to the most compelling technology tools available for the 21st-century classroom.
  • Training, guidance and support, including critical digital tools and resources, and online social-networking systems.
  • Phone, email, text and video chat support.
  • Life-long connections and support from the TEC21 peer-learning community.

How do I select a teacher from my staff to participate?

This program is designed to benefit every classroom teacher in your school. A great candidate is an enthusiastic, collaborative learner who will enjoy sharing TEC21 resources and applications with other teachers.

How many teachers can an administrator register for the program?

Administrators may elect to register either one or two teachers per innovation center. This allows us to accommodate as many schools as possible. In some cases, we offer more than one center per district. Where multiple centers are not offered per district, and principals want to send more than two teachers, additional teachers will be placed on a waiting list and welcomed if the center doesn’t fill to capacity.

What technology skills and equipment will teachers need for the workshops?

Teachers come with a range of knowledge and computer skills as well as a variety of devices available to them in their classrooms. We warmly accept teachers who have a desire to grow and participate together in Kingdom work. The only equipment requirement is to bring a personal device such as a laptop, Chromebook and/or tablet.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the workshops is $1000 for seven energetic, content-rich sessions.

How do other schools fund this program?

Title money, line-item budget, angel donors and fundraisers are some of the ways schools have paid for this program in the past. Many administrators have increased professional development monies in their budgets to include TEC21 as a component of their school’s technology plan. Additionally, some districts provide schools with scholarships to help subsidize the cost of the program.

When is payment for the program due?

Recognizing the time needed to receive tuition payments or outside funding, payment for the 2019/2020 workshop sessions is not due until September 15, 2019.

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