March 2018 Agenda—Perryville, Missouri

Perryville, Missouri

Facilitating Technology Enriched Classrooms for 21st Century Learners.

Begin at 9:00am

Getting Connected

  • To Wifi: 
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    • ILS Secure – Password: ILS*warrior
  • To each other – Breakfast pizza, anyone? Grab a slice or two and we’ll get started with a word cloud below!
Use one of websites below to create a word cloud that describes you!


While you listen to the lyrics and melody of the song, write down whatever words come to mind in the word cloud generator of your choice.

Announcements & Review

1. Upcoming events:

  • The next workshop date is scheduled for Thursday, May 10.
  • #LuthEd Twitter chats take place on Monday evenings from 8:00-9:00CST throughout the school year.

2. Let’s take this time to reflect on last month’s TEC21 Challenges and share experiences. What happened? Were you successful? Did you come across any challenges?

3. “Celebration Day” is coming up! What does the format of the day look like and what can you do to prepare?

Helpful tips:

  • Think of the day as a mini-conference and each of you will be the presenters.
  • 10-15 minutes show something(s) you’ve accomplished this year – what you did, how you did it and why you did it.
  • Click on the SHARED DOCUMENTS. Locate your center’s doc and add your name, a description of what you’re sharing and provide your links. Have samples of student projects hosted on the web? Share those links, too! Here’s an example of what the line-up looked like at one of the workshop centers a couple years ago – SAMPLE.
  • Consider what device or devices you will use.
  • Use the outline below with its questions and strategies to prepare for the day.


1. Discover the value of enhancing your classroom with Google Apps.

2. Explore brain breaks, gamification, virtual reality, and games to use with your students.

3. Identify a tool or resource to share with another teacher at your school.

Google Apps…for everything!

  • Webpage –
  • Why set one up?
    • A constant source of information
    • Can be set up to be accessed with private settings or without email permission
    • An easy way to compile resources for your students all in one place, including calendars, links, and upcoming announcements
    • A way to contain your students to specific sites and searches
  • Tutorials
  • Other ideas…
    • Have students create a website for your school, a project, or as an assessment. It doesn’t have to be published publicly!

As more and more schools move toward implementing Google Apps, Classroom is an essential app for teacher organization and student achievement as well as teacher and student communication. In the spirit of what this particular month’s workshop is about, what specific needs do we have regarding this app? Listed below are some links to basic tutorials for teachers.

Looking to make things a bit easier on yourself? Check out the following lists of apps and websites that are compatible with Google Classroom.


Google Drawings… the versatile tool of Google Suite! This Google app allows you to insert pictures, text, hyperlinks, and charts into virtually any format you wish. Need to build a worksheet? Want to insert pictures around text? Looking for a tool to for assessment? Google Drawings meets all of those needs…

  • Gauge understanding by having students create infographics
  • Create customized worksheets
  • Create concept maps, timelines, and other diagrams to help with student understanding

Check out the resources below for more ideas…

More Google things…

This particular section of the workshop is going to be completely driven by you! What do you want to explore? What do you want to learn to do? Which apps best suit you in your teaching situation? Below are links to some helpful resources regarding these apps.



March Madness… let the downhill slope commence!

Keeping the Peace (of Mind!)

Has the anticipation of spring and the end of school infiltrated your classroom? Here are some tech tools and resources to keep your topics on track and your students on task!

Brain Breaks – activities using interactive technology that addresses students’ kinesthetic, verbal, musical, and auditory needs in an effort to relax, refocus and/or recharge!
Gamification – using gaming features in a non-gaming context to increase student motivation

Here are some articles and How-To’s:

Games – useful strategy and skill games to enhance and supplement student learning and content mastery

Wanting a “plethora” of fillers that can increase student skills and strategy techniques? Check out this list from one of our TEC21 gurus!

Virtual Field Trips

Feel like you need to get out more? Virtual Field Trips are a perfect option to keep those kiddos intrigued. They LOVE using Google Maps and Street View as well as looking at images of their favorite thing. Why not put their curiosity and interest to good use? Check out these links and helpful tips and ideas!

Digital Citizenship Integration

What aspects of digital citizenship need to be addressed when ______? (Adjust your questions/discussion based on the topic you chose for today.)

  • Internet Safety
  • Privacy & Security
  • Relationships & Communication
  • Cyberbullying
  • Digital Footprint & Reputation
  • Self-image & Identity
  • Information Literacy
  • Creative Credit & Copyright
Identity Online

Little or No Prep Tools & Resources

google expeditions
Google Expeditions
While having some start-up costs for viewers and devices, Google Expeditions is a free app that provides 360° visuals of interesting spaces and faraway places! Have students explore someplace new… or not, for a creative way to liven up your lessons. (All grades)

iOS, Android

A free-membership website and iOS app (paid subscription available) devoted to getting your students relaxed, refocused, or invigorated! (All grades)

iOS, Online

Your favorite lasagna-loving, fat cat, Garfield, guides students through a variety of topics, from standard language arts skills to online safety. Several topics are offered as individual apps:
 (Grade 1+)

iOS and online

draw and tell
Draw and Tell
Draw and tell allows students to visually create a story and narrate it! The drawings are hand-drawn and colored by the user, then used during narration of their story or information. (K – Grade 3)

iOS only

This app allows you to record, narrate, sing, and film your own “TV” show. (Grade 1 and up)

iOS only

Want to explore the world of VR, but don’t have a large budget? Check out this site for inexpensive cardboard viewers from Google.
This website offers inexpensive options for virtual reality (VR) viewers. These, along with a smartphone would be the perfect way to enjoy a virtual field trip!
Travel by Drone offers amazing drone footage from around the world! Use this site to inspire journal entries, stories, and even as a brain break!
Have students that are infatuated with gaming? Why not take advantage with this tool that turns your classroom into a game world! Compatible with Google Classroom and teachers qualify for free accounts with unlimited classes.
Use this resource for articles on a variety of different topics at several different reading levels. Make use of the quiz after each article!
What’s real and what’s fake and how do we teach our students to tell the difference? Common Sense Media wins again!
With ideas for activities, demonstrations, lessons, and interactives, Exploratorium delves into the math and science realm to help supplement your students’ interests.
A completely free and practical website that combines videos, articles, and even song to teach our kiddos some necessary concepts. It only requires Flash player!
This resource is a website that compares living conditions in the U.S. with other nations around the world. Use it for quick facts or a geography supplement!
This website provides games and tools aimed at enriching the early childhood process of learning. With ages 3-8 in mind, the site is organized by both subject area and age group.

Lunch Hour at 11:30am/Back to Work at 12:30pm

Project Development

TEC21 Challenges

1. Post a comment, link, or student work to the TEC21’s online Google+ community.

2. Be a resource to at least one new person on your faculty before we meet again.

3. Brainstorm your best way to share your Celebration Day project with the TEC21 community and/or your school community.


Dismiss at 2:00pm

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