April 2018 Agenda—Seward, Nebraska (Group 1)

Seward, Nebraska

Facilitating Technology Enriched Classrooms for 21st Century Learners.

Begin at 9:00am

Getting Connected

  • To Wifi: access.cune.edu Conference Code:  TEC21Workshop
  • How to get to today’s agenda: If you can read this, you’re already there. http://tec21connect.com/agenda/october-2017-agenda-seward/
  • To each other – Grab a snack. Add a prayer request to our Padlet board.
  • Lunch – Put in your order for lunch from the Dog House Grill menu! Place lunch order on this form. The special is a chicken bacon ranch sandwich, (grilled chicken, with two slices of bacon lettuce and tomato, with  ranch mayonnaise
  • AnswerGarden word cloud: What have you learned this year in TEC21? 20 character response, may submit more than one
  • Now write 2 sentences that encapsulate your take aways from TEC21 this year in WriteAbout.com  Click on “Write About” under the pictdure, then Publish to Class and include your name at the end of your post.


Do you love me? Feed My Sheep.

Make one post to this List.lyList to respond to Jesus’ response to Feed My Sheep by adding a statement, image, video, audio, other.

Sample List.ly list of top 10 apps.

Announcements & Review

1. Letter grades will be submitted to Concordia within the next week for those of you receiving graduate-level credit. Later in May, you will receive an email from the TEC21 Office providing you with your letter grade and letting you know when you can request a transcript from Concordia should you need one for your records.

Concordia University Nebraska





2. Let’s take this time to reflect on last month’s TEC21 Challenges and share experiences. What happened? Were you successful? Did you come across any challenges?

3. Thoughts for today: Barriers to successful implementation often have little to do with the technology itself or teachers’ comfort with technology overall. Instead, success is impeded by a lack of strategy on how to integrate the technology into the classroom. The best edtech PD isn’t about technology

4. “Employees don’t care what you know about technology but what you can do with it…help teachers imagine what they can do with technology”

Sabba Quidwai, Apple, NETA 2018

Give students access to learning and demonstrating learning in a way that’s meaningful to them and does justice to what they did: photography, drawing, music, video to merge multimedia to demonstrate learning rather than type in black and white.


1. Understand the value of being both a consumer and a contributor in your professional learning network.

2. Commit to being a connected, resourceful life-long learner.

3. Celebrate each other’s TEC21 achievements through today’s mini-conference format.

Let’s all stay connected! 

Twitter: Follow the facilitators and many other awesome educators who have embraced this powerful medium to further strengthen your PLN. Follow hashtags as well like #TEC21lcms & #LuthEd!


Google+: Engage with all the TEC21 Educators going all the way back to “Season 1″ to ask questions and share ideas to support one another.

Facebook: Like the TEC21 Facebook Page (We can all friend request one another, too, if we haven’t already done this.)


Pinterest: Follow TEC21’s collaborative board and we’ll invite you to pin! If you don’t receive an invite, be sure to let one of us know.


Instagram: Follow TEC_21 so you can enjoy the fun pics taken at our workshop centers from year to year.

Mini-conference Style Presentations

Time to gather your…

  • Notes
  • Links
  • Resources
  • Thoughts
  • Composure

Click on the SHARED DOCUMENTS to access everyone’s presentation links from all the workshop centers.

We will run a back channel during the presentations for you to add ideas, questions, and comments for each presenter. Please go to Socrative.com, Student Login, Room 29561 Don’t submit for a presenter until they are finished and you have included all ideas you want to share with them as you’ll only be able to submit once. Then I will share the results with the class so you will have your feedback. Feedback via Socrative

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 4.48.14 PM

Little or No Prep Tools & Resources

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 9.33.15 PM
Ad Block Plus. Surf the web without annoying ads. Download at Chrome Web Store. Icon shows up to right of search bar. Automatically blocks banners, pop-ups, tracking, malware, and more. Nonintrusive ads are not blocked to support websites.
Talk and Comment

Talk and Comment is a free Chrome Extension that allows you and your students to record voice notes anywhere on the web. Go to the Chrome Web Store to download Talk and Comment. The icon will appear to the right of your search bar in Chrome. A small circle for recording will appear to the right of all online documents. Simply highlight text in a Google Doc, Slide, website, anywhere online and click the record circle. You will instantly have an audio comment! Check out this video to get started.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 3.00.20 PM
Kaizena voice comments add-on to Google Docs. Highlight something in a Google Doc, open Kaizena in Add-Ons, record a voice or text message, save to share feedback with others. Give more detailed teacher or peer feedback right in the document to save conference time.

SWIVL is a video recording app that lets teachers and students record themselves and save directly to the cloud.

TEC21 Impact Stories Info Sheet. Please consider taking 30 seconds to record how you have been impacted by the TEC21 Workshop Program. Videotape on your phone using SWIVL. Saves directly to the Cloud. Here is a sample by Kendell at the Anaheim location.

Formative allows you to upload a diagram or document then add questions on top of document for students to answer. Allows typing, drawing, short answer, teacher sees all responses and can respond in real time. Here is a video showing how to create a Formative assessment. More virtual bell-ringer activators.

Example: Go to https://goformative.com. Enter join code CGMONU Answer 4 quick questions inserted into a traditional worksheet.

This is a website that allows you to customize badges, avatars, banners, and site logos. Create, save, download to a PDF. Now paste into any online location to let students know they did an amazing job!

Daily stories about our world for K-12 students. Select by topic or Lexile level. Lexile chart by Grade Level. 

Daily news for K-12 students at their reading level, by Lexile level. Some stories include a writing prompt and/or quiz.

Kids, Parents & Teachers-Reviews of movies, games, websites, apps, music, TV
Downloadable teacher & student books -digital citizenship
Educators-Graphite.org reviews apps & websites by topic, grade, cost, device!
Website PDF online, or iBook on iPad
PreK-8 Reading & Topics of Interest
Summer Reads-getting ready for grades 3,4,5, free books with comprehension
Beginning Reads-PreK-2- stories and comprehension
Talking Points for Kids-science & other topicsw grades 4-6
FYI for Kids-2 page magazine articles, over 75 by complexity level, content area, and theme

Free ebooks for beginning readers. Great practice for over the summer. Books available in 35 languages.

K-12 Literacy 
Classroom resources, student interactivities by grade level
Parent and after school resources
Try Comic Creator for fun!
Website & iPad Compatible
Telegra.ph gives you and your students a simple place to publish your writing and pictures without the need to create an account on the site. Simply go to telegra.ph and start writing. The site gives an individual URL to each published piece that you can share so others can read your work. You can include pictures in your writing, but you cannot include videos. Here is my first Telegraph entry. For more publishing ideas for students check out Free Tech 4 Teachers.


Here are 10 of the best virtual math tools to allow students to learn, practice, and have fun with different math concepts. MathsPlayground, Geometry Pad, and Pattern Shapes are a few of my favorites!

Students in grades PreK-8 can access games, reading, videos, playground, and math zone at this site. Great to demonstrate with students now and share with parents for the summer.

Complete curriculum for ages 8-14 all the way to beginning college to prepare students for computer-based careers.  Students create computer science projects around different themes such as Sports, Art, and Fashion. Each theme contains 8 lessons of 60-90 minutes that can be tailored to fit your schedule. Free digitally online or order free paper pack.

Free Creative Commons document to help administrators, districts, computer teachers, and all teachers set a vision for teaching computer science. Includes framework statements by grade level, progression of skills, implementation guidance, and resources. Suggests teaching within project based learning format and appropriate implementation for early childhood.

Vocabulary.com combines the world’s smartest dictionary with an adaptive learning game that will have you mastering new words in no time. Get started with ready to go vocabulary multiple choice meanings and get a hint if you need it. Excellent for anyone wanting to improve their vocabulary or for ELLs. As a teacher you can input words you want to teach and the site will bring up definitions if it has them. Or input up to 100 pages of text and the site will create a learning activity to go with it for you!

One of the largest creators of free curriculum resources online, nonprofit CK12 offers textbooks, flashcards, lessons and storage so districts can create their own online textbooks.
One of the largest creators of free curriculum resources online, nonprofit CK12 offers textbooks, flashcards, lessons and storage so districts can create their own online textbooks
Primarily known as a science and math website, but it has thousands of free online lessons, games and resources in subjects as diverse as art history and computer programming. Everything on the nonprofit’s website is free. If you haven’t tried setting up a class you can upload a class from Google Classroom or get a code for students to join. Try the beginning quiz to see where each student should begin. Lessons consist of a video, quizzes, and a final test. 

Report finds that we need to add rigor to math assignments and provides ideas on how to do it: student choice, relevancy, communicate their thinking processes, focus on conceptual understanding, push to higher thinking levels with specific examples. Or download the full report at this site.

Lunch Hour at 11:30am/Back to Work at 12:30pm

Collaboration! We are each other’s BEST resources :-)

Project Development

The bestowing of award, praise and adulation.

We officially dub you TEC21 Teachers–connected, resourceful life-long learners!

1. “Pomp & Circumstance”

2. Presentation of “diplomas”

3. Presentation of TEC21 Digital Badges

Dear TEC21 Teachers,

As educators, we all know how hard it is to keep up with the needs of students. TEC21 recognizes the extra effort it takes to learn, stretch and grow to provide Technology Enriched Classrooms. We applaud every school who has given the green light to allow teachers to participate in our workshops, and every teacher who has stepped outside his or her comfort zone to be vigorously challenged. Our goal with you is a contagious classroom full of motivated students.

You have earned this badge. We have provided it in two sizes each for school administrators and teachers. We hope you’ll proudly display it on your school website or personal classroom website.

Thank you for making a TEC21 classroom a badge of honor.

Serving Him with you,

The TEC21 Facilitators

Group shot 2

For School Administrators

Small School Badge

TEC21 School Badge Small

<div align="center"><a href="http://tec21connect.com/" title="Tec21"><img src="http://tec21connect.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/TEC21-School-Badge-256x75.png" alt="Tec21" style="border:none;width:100%;max-width:256px;height:auto;" /></a></div>


Large School Badge

TEC21 School Badge Large

<div align="center"><a href="http://tec21connect.com/" title="Tec21"><img src="http://tec21connect.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/TEC21-School-Badge-256x256.png" alt="Tec21" style="border:none;width:100%;max-width:256px;height:auto;" /></a></div>

For Teachers

Small Teacher Badge

TEC21 Teacher Badge Small

<div align="center"><a href="http://tec21connect.com/" title="Tec21"><img src="http://tec21connect.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/TEC21-Educator-Badge-256x75.png" alt="Tec21" style="border:none;width:100%;max-width:256px;height:auto;" /></a></div>


Large Teacher Badge

TEC21 Teacher Badge Large

<div align="center"><a href="http://tec21connect.com/" title="Tec21"><img src="http://tec21connect.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/TEC21-Educator-Badge-256x256.png" alt="Tec21" style="border:none;width:100%;max-width:256px;height:auto;" /></a></div>

Final TEC21 Challenges

1. Continue to be a connected educator!

2. Continue to be a life-long learner!

3. Continue to be a resource to others!


You can complete the form below from most web browsers. If you are having difficulty, select the following link to access the Final Reflection directly – https://goo.gl/forms/BC7djs8ifonAbGgO2.

Dismiss at 2:00pm

My Contact Info

email: Laurie.Friedrich@cune.edu

My Google+ Profile

Twitter Handle: @FriedrichLaurie

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Additional Links & Resources

Student Art Sale today in Brommer. Looking for an amazing piece of pottery? Check it out!

Adobe Spark for Education now available for students of all ages!

Connected teachers inspiring students in Technology Enriched Classrooms.