April 2018 Agenda—Rockford, Illinois

Rockford, Illinois

Facilitating Technology Enriched Classrooms for 21st Century Learners.

Begin at 9:00am

Getting Connected

Today’s agenda: April 12
Grab a bagel and get settled :-)


What Keeps You From Following God

Announcements & Review

1. Upcoming events:
  • The next and final workshop date is scheduled for Thursday, May 10th. It will be our Celebration Day!
  • ISTE Conference in Chicago – June 24th-27th (Registration)
  • #LuthEd Twitter chats take place on Monday evenings from 8:00-9:00CST throughout the school year.
2. Let’s take this time to reflect on last month’s TEC21 Challenges and share experiences. What happened? Were you successful? Did you come across any challenges?
3. “Celebration Day” is coming up! What does the format of the day look like and what can you do to prepare?
Helpful tips:
  • Think of the day as a mini-conference and each of you will be the presenters.
  • 10-15 minutes show something(s) you’ve accomplished this year – what you did, how you did it and why you did it.
  • Click on the SHARED DOCUMENTS. Locate your center’s doc and add your name, a description of what you’re sharing and provide your links. Have samples of student projects hosted on the web? Share those links, too! Here’s an example of what the line-up looked like at one of the workshop centers a couple years ago – SAMPLE.
  • Consider what device or devices you will use.
  • Use the outline below with its questions and strategies to prepare for the day.


1. Discover the value of gamification in the classroom.
2. Explore various resources and tools to use with your students.
3. Identify a tool or resource to share with another teacher at your school.

Insert the topic of your choice!


What is it and when to use it
Classcraft – students play in teams and earn points for positive behaviors, enabling them to unlock real-life powers and thousands of customization options for their avatars.
         – Intro Webinar (about 35 minutes)


50 Awesome Videos for Gaming Teachers
4 Ways to Bring Gamification of Education to Your Classroom
Create a choose your own adventure using Google Forms

Some Fun Extras :-)

21 things every 21st Century teacher should do this year
14 things that are obsolete in 21st Century schools.
10 trends that are reshaping edtech


I have created a Master List of all the apps and most of the links from the past workshops! Feel free to make a copy of it to hang onto. :-)

Digital Citizenship Integration

  • Internet Safety
  • Privacy & Security
  • Relationships & Communication
  • Cyberbullying
  • Digital Footprint & Reputation
  • Self-image & Identity
  • Information Literacy
  • Creative Credit & Copyright

Little or No Prep Tools & Resources

CommonLit delivers high-quality, free instructional materials to support literacy development for students in grades 3-12. The resources are:
  • Flexible;
  • Research-Based;
  • Aligned to the Common Core State Standards;
  • Created by teachers, for teachers.
Teacher Kit makes classroom management easy to manage, from taking pictures of students to make seating charts and learn names, to recording grades, taking online anecdotal notes about behavior, and contacting parents all from the app.
Playdoh touch
Play-Doh TOUCH – With this fun app, students can mold a Play-Doh creation, capture it with the camera, and then animate it to complete tasks. Available as a free app, this is definitely worth checking out! (Grade 1+)
Long Division Touch – completely free app that contains tutorials and supplemental problems to strengthen your students’ long division skills. Divide, multiply, subtract, SLIDE! (Grade 4+)
Mr. Mark Hess has been teaching and working with educational technology for many years.  Here’s a link to his resources!  Links for Teaching by Mark
A website that will recommend what book to read next based on the book you just finished.
April is National Poetry Month!
Rewordify allows students to paste a link and get back a version with simpler words and sentence constructions. When students hover over highlighted areas the original, richer text shows up so they can gradually build their vocabulary and familiarity with difficult texts.
Search for a topic that you want research on.  Instead of having to scan through countless articles, InstaGrok creates a concept map related to the search (with sources).  Great to help younger students get used to research.
Videos on a variety of topics. Hank Green is very entertaining and does a good job explaining a variety of things.
A venn diagram tool by Read Write Think. Students can demonstrate their knowledge of a subject by using this tool.
GoGuardian is a paid service to monitor students’ actions online. For Chromebooks and I believe they are coming out with a program for Windows computers.
12 websites for English teachers
Step by step is a professional EdTech studio that focuses on developing educational apps for children aged 1 to 5 years old.
Web tools to help you create educational games.

Lunch Hour at 11:30am/Back to Work at 12:30pm

Project Development

TEC21 Challenges

1. Post a comment, link, or student work to the TEC21’s online Google+ community.

2. Be a resource to at least one new person on your faculty before we meet again.

3. Brainstorm your best way to share your Celebration Day project with the TEC21 community and/or your school community.


Dismiss at 2:00pm

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