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TEC21 seeks active partnerships to create contagious learning in Lutheran school classrooms.

Teachers today are confronted with a few undeniable facts.

  • Technology is at the epicenter of learning. It is a critical or essential component of contagious learning.
  • Technology constantly changes, requiring schools and teachers to invest in continuing education.
  • Use of technology, because it changes, must be continually relearned.
  • Technology is expensive, both the technology itself and the infrastructure needed to implement and maintain it in the school setting.

There is great need for what TEC21 offers, but not enough funding.

The majority of schools impacted by TEC21 are small schools with little ability to fund professional development. Most TEC21 schools rely on various third-source funding means, including Title money.

Because TEC21 provides a service below cost, it makes our sustainability dependent upon sponsorship, donations and critical partnerships. We have created the TEC21 Endowment Fund to protect the future of the TEC21 ministry, close critical gaps between what TEC21 services cost and our schools can pay, and provide additional services and scholarships where they are needed.

With a desire for the strictest accountability and performance, we have established a single-charity fund through The Signatry.


Our “single-charity fund” serves as a foundation for your gift. The Signatry has the tools to help partners like you effectively give in every way possible.

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A winning partnership in Christ-centered laboratories.

Your gift helps ensure we achieve our goal of great relationships, great workshops and lasting impact in our Lutheran schools. This endowment fund will help TEC21 win the battle to help more schools become better equipped to prepare their children for life and Christian service in this world. It will help teachers create contagious learning environments in their schools.

We desire that you, as a critical donor, win as well. The Lord himself says you will be blessed. Here’s what He promises. “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” —Luke 6:38

Dennis and Ann, Wichita, Kan., featured here, were the first contributors to the TEC21 Endowment Fund.
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Ross, Wichita, Kan., featured here, were the first contributors to the TEC21 Endowment Fund.