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Welcome to TEC21. We’re the front door to the world of technology. We want to give Lutheran educators the key.

Through unique, inspiring workshops, TEC21 equips Lutheran teachers to use technology to engage, motivate and educate children for life. We bring educators together to examine, question, evaluate and understand technology, and develop practical applications for the classroom. We sustain learning through a collaborative, online peer-coaching community.


We want Lutheran schools to be places of excellence where Christ’s love and grace are shared daily. We want Lutheran schools to be “schools of choice” in their communities. We’re dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation, creativity and relevancy in the Lutheran school classroom.

For Educators

Technology can take you and your students to extraordinary places. TEC21 workshops show you the way.

For Administrators

Jump your school to the forefront of education. Give your team compelling technology tools to help kids excel.

I am amazed by what has occurred in nine years with the partnerships in ministry we’ve formed with so many schools. In year one, we launched our program with two schools. In year two, we grew to four. In year three, we grew to 11. In year four, we grew to 15. In year five, we grew to 47. In year six, we grew to 62. In year seven, we had 112 schools on board. In year eight, we impacted 144 schools. Currently, in year nine we are impacting 160 schools and cumulatively, since inception, our TEC21 Workshop Program has positively impacted 503 teachers directly and many more indirectly through them. These numbers are evidence, I believe, of the urgency educators feel to keep pace with rapid technological change.
Brent Dieckhoff Founder/Executive Director